Why I'm Running...

Purchasing a home is a critical milestone for families and individuals, providing prosperity and security. Homeownership has helped families pay for college, as well as providing a community investment that keeps generations of residents more engaged in the growth of neighborhoods.

As an an attorney who works with the Register of Deeds all the time, I have a vision for how this office can serve as a vital resource in encouraging new homeownership, as well as helping current homeowners in preserving that wealth. I bring a unique vision for how this government office can become a 21st century resource to support current and aspiring property owners of this county achieve and preserve the American Dream. How this office can help a population of our community that it traditionally does not help. The Register of Deeds office can expand its outreach to empower those who need it most.

In a crowded field of there is only one qualified candidate for this job. I am that candidate.



If elected my goals will be:

  • Modernize the Registry of Deeds as a 21st century resource of the rights and responsibilities for current and aspiring homeowners in Suffolk County.
  • Update the Registry of Deeds website to allow citizens easier access to property records as well as valuable resources for homeowners.
  • More effectively use the existing budget of the Registry to expand its impact without expanding its bottom line cost to the Commonwealth. Provide a vision of service where the government resource that helped you to acquire the wealth of owning property is the same resource you turn to in preserving that wealth.
  • We're on a mission to get people the proper information needed and educate them further about the registry and all it entails.
    Below are a few helpful resources to get you started:
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